The A N N  W O L F F  F O U N D A T I O N

was established as a non-profit-foundation in Berlin, Germany in 2008. 

AWF's mission is to collect and maintain the art of Ann Wolff
and to cooperate with other artists on international projects and programs.
The main goal is to promote art and culture, partly with fokus on the material glass.

AWF enables artists to work with glass by giving an art prize every second year.

A donation of works by Ann Wolff formed the basis of the foundation's collection.

To implement goals we are grateful for any support.
Don't hesitate to contact us at
AWF is an all-volunteer-organisation.
AWF's total overhead is covered by our Board, so your gifts go directly to our programs.
Thankyou for your support.
Thankyou for your donations.

The Board of Directors
Ann Wolff, Visby, Sweden

The Advisory Board
Dorothée Nilsson, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Birgit Möckel, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek, Munich, Germany